Neighbors turned brothers, Roy, a patriot from the Florida/Georgia line, who was striving to build a business, found himself living two doors down from Don, an Ohio born active-duty Special Operator serving in our American military.  Together fishing, shooting, praying, and taking care of the neighborhood and community, two patriots were blessed with a friendship galvanized by unapologetic faith in God, determined protection of family and community, and an unstoppable love of our country and the freedom she provides.    Together with fellow Special Operators, Jeff, Josh, and Chad, FOXTROT3 was born to strengthen our nation and to support our values.  These four combat veterans and a Patriot businessman, unified to make Faith, Family and Freedom stronger and ever cool in America, and to build capital to support people and causes critical to American peace, prosperity, and virtue.


To drive the cornerstone values of Faith, Family, and Freedom to make a viral resurgence in American popular culture.

  • With your help, Foxtrot3 will return values to the forefront and stand in protection of our rights in America while raising awareness and support for everyday American Heroes and non-profit organizations through the sale of our products. Your support matters. Uniting behind the Foxtrot3 brand to keep Faith, Family, and Freedom cool is action you can take to enable Foxtrot3 hosted events to elevate American people and put help where it is needed most. We pray you will rally with Foxtrot3 as a badge of honor to get behind and a national return to traditional American values surrounding Faith, Family, and Freedom.

  • We hope you and your family will proudly wear Foxtrot3 and join us along with millions of people yearning for a voice and positive change in our country with a unified outcry. We will not allow our values to be weaponized or politicized. We will no longer tolerate the erosion of our rights and our values. This is America and Foxtrot3 is Faith, Family, and Freedom. Join our united front! A portion of all proceeds will go direct to non-profit organizations, people, and causes critical to continued American prosperity and virtue.